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TALK PROPA (2019/2020) 

The Pleasance Theatre and Camden People's Theatre.

Photography: Hugo Bainbridge

TALK PROPA is a celebration of all things northern. 

Two women from across the north of England explore their relationship with their accents and the prejudice they’ve faced as a result. Featuring music from the one and only Cheryl, queen of the North, these lasses take on the stereotypes they are constantly reduced to (with a cuppa tea in hand of course). 

Southerners, buckle up. 

Devised by the company, TALK PROPA radically deconstructs the concept of a ‘generic northern accent’.


A spotlight on the intersection of class, accent and gender prejudice against northern womxn on stage.


Don’t be mardy - see yah there, pet.

TALK PROPA is a tour-ready production.

SHYBAIRN are currently working to produce an installation of the piece

to further raise awareness about accent prejudice.


Director: Caitlin Evans

Performers: Hannah Clifford + Rebecca Charlton

Producer: Caitlin Evans / SHYBAIRN

Assistant Producer: Becky Jones

Set Design: Nic Farr

Sound Design: Becky Jones

Movement Direction: Marilena Sitaropoulou

Videography + Photography: Hugo Bainbridge

Programmed at:

Camden People's Theatre, London (17th & 18th January 2020)

VAULT Festival, London (11th - 13th February 2020)

The Pleasance Theatre, Islington (October 2019)

The Royal Central School of Speech & Drama (July 2019)


Recipient of The CULTIVATE Bursary in Assosciation with COMMON and The Newbury Corn Exchange for VAULT Festival 2020

Featured in Lyn Gardner's TOP PICKS for

VAULT Festival 2020

Shortlisted for the LET Award in partnership with Greenwich Theatre for Edinburgh Fringe 2020

Shortlisted for the UNTAPPED Award with New Diorama, Underbelly and Oberon Books for

Edinburgh Fringe 2020

“Talk Propa is a fast, often humorous show, with a serious point to make about the negative stereotypes of Northern accents. It’s always fun and it never lost the audience’s attention…”


“TALK PROPA by ShyBairn Theatre was an absolute DELIGHT! Perfecting the collaborative womxn powerhouse 2 hander to expertly expose southerners’ stereotyping of northern women. Equal parts funny and furore.”
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