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The Old Red Lion Theatre and Theatre N16, London (2018)

Six Attempts to Swallow a Scream is a devised piece stemming from a mutual angst with the stigmatisation of female rage.


Through an experimental process, harnessing movement and improvisation at its core, this piece utilises recorded and live sound to underscore the non-verbal.


With lots of dancing, oranges, clothes and puppetry, Six Attempts to Swallow a Scream offers an alternative narrative of the lived female experience. 


Produced by: TOBECONFIRMED Theatre

Performers/Devisers: Caitlin Evans, Becky Jones, Jemima Evans, Megan Saunders, Georgie King & Elspeth McColl

Movement Direction: Christina Fulcher

“...there are moments between pairings of the girls which exemplify the strength and importance of female friendship, like beautiful visuals of them carrying one another, or posing with their various citrus fruits like ancient goddesses.”


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